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Summer Time

Say Hello to Summer,

With Summertime here, then that means BBQ and where there is a BBQ, there is sure to be a BBQ cook-off competition.

Alpha Specialties and Awards has just the right honors for those culinary champions. Awards that are specialized to make a statement, Maybe it is “King of the Grill”, “Pit-Master” or just “The Champion” but it is always about being the Best! Whether it is for a family gathering and intense sibling rivalry to settle the score, or a well-planned large event with sponsors, media coverage and many participants, Alpha has the recognition awards to fit any event and any budget. In addition, we can customize them to impress like no other!

For every BBQ want-a-be, there can be a ribbon, badge or medallion. For each level of grill-master winners there can be trophies and awards that identify the different levels, like best in class chicken, steak, sausage, ribs, burgers, etc . and for the Grand-prize winner(s), those Pit-Master, Smoker or Grill Champions, we have trophies that will make their mouths water!

How about considering, If you have an event annually, a perpetual plaque be implemented, in addition to just giving out trophies, display the tradition and heritage of your event with an opportunity to memorialize the champions and spark a positive competition for future events. Maybe make it a revenue generating event with custom Tee shirts, mugs, aprons or other items available for purchase, Alpha can help you with all of this and more!

Contact Alpha today and let us show you how to make this summer’s BBQ battles sizzle with excitement and envy!

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March Madness or Method?

Do you know what two teams will make it to the playoffs in the 2021 NCAA Championship? Of course not! You can have “hopefuls” or your favorites, but it is only after all levels of elimination have been completed, right up to the playoffs, that it can be determined. Until then, it is anyone’s guess.

That is not to say that you can’t suspect or have a notion of who is going to be the final opposing teams!

The serious basketball fan, especially those placing wages on the games and outcome, know all the statistics, have all the data figured out, and even have studied the track records of wins and losses in the past from all the teams; all of which help them pick the “winners”.

It would make little sense that a team that has a terrible track record, not a current winning streak, or evidence of good coaches, would somehow overcome every obstacle and win the championship. Could it happen? Of course, everyone loves a good underdog story, but the odds are extremely unlikely.

The same is true in business. Knowing how efficient the operation is, having an accurate accounting of the profit and loss, understanding what the commitment level and buy-in from the staff is, and finally, having a solid Marketing plan that synchronizes all available resources, will help you identify your ultimate successes.

Oh! You can count on having that one in a million success moment, beating all the odds, going against the grain and defying the statistics, but the reality is, your playing a long-shot with your investment!

At Alpha, we can’t pick the NCAA Championship! But we can show you how to pick marketing winners.

Its not MADNESS, in March or any other month, but METHOD that will maximize your marketing dollars, Call and set up a FREE appointment today and have a conversation with one of our in-house marketing consultants.

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Motivate Your Team Sales

Why is it important to recognize salesman of the year? Anyone that has worked in sales knows it’s a challenge. There are good days and very hard days. You must stay motivated all year long.

When your team faces tougher days, you want the motivation to stay high. Commission is a common motivator, but we’re all motivated by more than just money.

A few motivators other than commission include recognition and awards. The pressure and desire to win can impact your team in a positive way. High performing salesmen will push forward to compete for this achievement. Recognition for a job well done can be a basic human desire as we all want to feel appreciated. We have many different awards to compliment your salesman of the year other than saying “good job!”.

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Holiday Gifts Custom

Holidays are a time to show others how much you appreciate them. Especially a personalized gift. Not only do you show the person you went out of your way to personalize their gift but it’s unique and will be treasured for years to come.

At Alpha Specialities we help our clients create something special that will wow their team, clients, suppliers, and anyone else on their special gift. Our goal is to help you show the recipient that you wanted to give them something thoughtful and one-of-a-kind. It’s the perfect solution for those on your list that are impossible to shop for.

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It’s more than just winning for kids

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? After 30, 40, or 50 plus years do you still think about that cherishable moment? An experience as a child can leave an impression that will last a lifetime.

Children learn so much about good sportsmanship from their coaches and parents. Good sportsmanship is something they will use their entire life when learned early.

Developing good sportsmanship is more about just winning and losing, it’s about working together as a team, how to behave when dealing with successes or losses. Sportsmanship will impact how a child acts off the field, in so many other situations.

Kids take pride in receiving an award, either first, second, or even just participation, an award means so much to a child who has put work into enjoying an activity. It’s a chance to make friends, learn, experience challenges, and do their best!