Summer Time

Say Hello to Summer,

With Summertime here, then that means BBQ and where there is a BBQ, there is sure to be a BBQ cook-off competition.

Alpha Specialties and Awards has just the right honors for those culinary champions. Awards that are specialized to make a statement, Maybe it is “King of the Grill”, “Pit-Master” or just “The Champion” but it is always about being the Best! Whether it is for a family gathering and intense sibling rivalry to settle the score, or a well-planned large event with sponsors, media coverage and many participants, Alpha has the recognition awards to fit any event and any budget. In addition, we can customize them to impress like no other!

For every BBQ want-a-be, there can be a ribbon, badge or medallion. For each level of grill-master winners there can be trophies and awards that identify the different levels, like best in class chicken, steak, sausage, ribs, burgers, etc . and for the Grand-prize winner(s), those Pit-Master, Smoker or Grill Champions, we have trophies that will make their mouths water!

How about considering, If you have an event annually, a perpetual plaque be implemented, in addition to just giving out trophies, display the tradition and heritage of your event with an opportunity to memorialize the champions and spark a positive competition for future events. Maybe make it a revenue generating event with custom Tee shirts, mugs, aprons or other items available for purchase, Alpha can help you with all of this and more!

Contact Alpha today and let us show you how to make this summer’s BBQ battles sizzle with excitement and envy!