April showers bring “Rock Star” power!

April is the start of the second quarter in business, a time to reflect on the successes the company is experiencing. What a great time to recognize those outstanding employees who go above and beyond in support of your business. Your “Rock Stars” whose tired-less efforts have increased your sales and revenue by the positive effect they have on customers, co-workers and vendors!

Alpha is offering this month, an all inclusive, customized to your business, Employee Recognition Program (ERP), recognizing your employees of the Month, Quarter and/or Year. It is never too late start a employee of the month program. A program that is sure to increase the morale and positive competition among your employees. The benefits of a recognition program are amazing for both the employee and the employer. It is a proven way to increase sales and reduce loss.

Yes, the childhood adage is a great analogy for the business world. Showers, prepare and nourish the ground, that part of the equation that is hard and painful but necessary for the future flowers to bloom. Just as it takes hard decisions, patience and investing in your most important assets, your employees, to make a business successful.

The Law of “you reap what you sow” affirms the proactive approach that by investing now in in your employees, you will greatly benefit in the future. Contact Alpha today to discuss with one of our amazing customer service representatives, how we can help your company “Bloom!”