March Madness or Method?

Do you know what two teams will make it to the playoffs in the 2021 NCAA Championship? Of course not! You can have “hopefuls” or your favorites, but it is only after all levels of elimination have been completed, right up to the playoffs, that it can be determined. Until then, it is anyone’s guess.

That is not to say that you can’t suspect or have a notion of who is going to be the final opposing teams!

The serious basketball fan, especially those placing wages on the games and outcome, know all the statistics, have all the data figured out, and even have studied the track records of wins and losses in the past from all the teams; all of which help them pick the “winners”.

It would make little sense that a team that has a terrible track record, not a current winning streak, or evidence of good coaches, would somehow overcome every obstacle and win the championship. Could it happen? Of course, everyone loves a good underdog story, but the odds are extremely unlikely.

The same is true in business. Knowing how efficient the operation is, having an accurate accounting of the profit and loss, understanding what the commitment level and buy-in from the staff is, and finally, having a solid Marketing plan that synchronizes all available resources, will help you identify your ultimate successes.

Oh! You can count on having that one in a million success moment, beating all the odds, going against the grain and defying the statistics, but the reality is, your playing a long-shot with your investment!

At Alpha, we can’t pick the NCAA Championship! But we can show you how to pick marketing winners.

Its not MADNESS, in March or any other month, but METHOD that will maximize your marketing dollars, Call and set up a FREE appointment today and have a conversation with one of our in-house marketing consultants.