It’s more than just winning for kids

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? After 30, 40, or 50 plus years do you still think about that cherishable moment? An experience as a child can leave an impression that will last a lifetime.

Children learn so much about good sportsmanship from their coaches and parents. Good sportsmanship is something they will use their entire life when learned early.

Developing good sportsmanship is more about just winning and losing, it’s about working together as a team, how to behave when dealing with successes or losses. Sportsmanship will impact how a child acts off the field, in so many other situations.

Kids take pride in receiving an award, either first, second, or even just participation, an award means so much to a child who has put work into enjoying an activity. It’s a chance to make friends, learn, experience challenges, and do their best!